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Engineering students, 1980s

The History of Student Life at Johns Hopkins

The student experience is an integral part of Hopkins history.  The Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives, with the Office of the President, launched an initiative in which students developed the university’s archival holdings on the student experience and produced a digital exhibit on aspects of student life in the university’s history.

Due to the unconventional nature of student life, student-generated documents and the histories of student organizations are underrepresented in the University Archives. During the 2013-2014 academic year, five undergraduate students delved into the University Archives to investigate the student experience at Hopkins. They added to the archives’ collection of student-generated documents, worked with student groups to encourage current undergraduates to donate their material to the archives, and made an in-depth study of something they believe makes the Hopkins student experience unique.

Their digital project, "The History of Student Life at JHU," explores the history of Johns Hopkins through the lens of the undergraduate student experience, tracing the development of an institution through a population that spends only four years on campus but has an extraordinary influence on the university.

Learn more about student life at Hopkins–or take a trip down memory lane–via the student-curated digital exhibit:

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