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This gallery brings together diverse stories, images, and documents shared by the Hopkins community. It includes oral histories as well as materials submitted by the community through this website.

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Nanjing Center drawing

The First Chinese Delegation Visit from Nanjing University

Lawrence Wolfe

I was an undergraduate playing a very small role in the earliest days of the collaboration between JHU and Nanjing University. What I believe was the first delegation of approximately ten faculty and administrators visited Homewood (yes, they wore Mao suits) in the Fall of 1981. President Steven Muller was their host. I don't recall how the connection was made, but I was an active stamp collector, as was President Muller and his counterpart from Nanjing. I found myself in President Muller's office discussing a philatelic gift that may have special meeting to the Nanjing leader. We chose the Bicentennial stamp sheet that included 50 state flags. Hopefully there are records from the Board of Trustees meetings which would complete the details around this historic engagement at Homewood. Perhaps that gift still resides in the President's office in Nanjing!

Story contributed in 2014. Artist's rendering of the Nanjing Center compound, circa 1985: Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries, Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives photograph collection, item 11015.

1980s, Administration, Alumni, International, Student life, User-generated content

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