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Black students gathered at Shriver Hall

Courtesy of Michael David Smith. Photographer: Thomas Anderson

Row 1: Thomas Anderson, Michael Smith (sunglasses), John Guess (holding paper), Eddie Harris (sunglasses), Cheri Harris (child)

Row 2: Derrick Graves, Marshall "Linc" McCray (glasses and hat), unidentified (Darnell Stone?), Barbara Wyche, Leslie King (sunglasses), Valerie Petit, Raymond Dobard, Lowery Sims (holding child), Ronald Jones (glasses).

Row 3: Robert McKnight, Henry Anderson, Peter Batts (glasses), chemistry graduate student from Tougaloo College, Derrick Taylor (far right), Kermit Alexander (far right, sunglasses).

Row 4: Hollis Jenkins, Anthony “Tony” Waters, Assistant Director of Admissions Ron Owens (wearing tie), T. George Davis, Dale Saunders, Robert McDaniel, Warren “Nish” Boyd (sunglasses), “Gus” Palmer, William Jews (sunglasses), Robert Byrd.

Row 5: Lamin Sise, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Ford, Eric Johnson, Joseph Mayfield, Jacques “Frenchy” Keene, Frank Spellman, Gail Williams, Karen Freeman, William “Pete” O’Banner (sunglasses).

Row 6 (standing): Lemuel Moyé, Rayfield McGhee, Carroll Phillips, Al Robinson, Howard Jackson.

Students not pictured: Frank Bond, Ken Brown, Pam Chevers(?), Shirley Dillsworth, Larry Doyle, Sam Fish, Darrell Gray, Jerry Greenfield, Robert Hyde, Emerson Julian, Erich March, Ralph Moore, Rudolph "Rudy" Scott, Harry Singleton, Frenchy Smith, Greg Thomas.

Names provided by Warren Boyd, George Davis, Carroll Phillips, Michael Smith, Greg Thomas. Please contact us with further details or clarifications.

Black students gathered in front of Shriver Hall.

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