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Image donated by JHU alum

Alumni Archives Project

What was it like when you were a student at Hopkins?  Student experience is one of the most dynamic aspects of Hopkins’ history and we don’t know nearly enough about it. Students have played a major role in the governance, culture, and trajectory of Hopkins history, and we need your help in improving our documentation of student life. The University Archives is eager to collect materials and memories from former students. 

As a major project under Hopkins Retrospective, the Office of the President and the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives want to preserve your memories of student life—events you went to, organizations you were part of, friendships you formed, and anything else that was important to your experience of JHU.

The University Archives has a rich collection of official university records. But these kinds of documents—the News-Letter, yearbooks, Board of Trustees meeting minutes, and President’s Office correspondence—can only tell us so much about how students socialized and developed, and of students’ role in shaping the university over its history. Below is a list of some types of material we’re interested in collecting. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have something else you think might be of interest, please contact us to discuss it further.

Think about your garage, basement, attic, or den—have you kept any of the following?

  • Programs and student-created flyers from campus events
  • Student organization materials: open letters, meeting minutes, newsletters, annual reports and other governance documents
  • Diaries, journals, or correspondence created during your time as a Hopkins student
  • Photographs of you and your classmates participating in volunteer and/or community engagement activities, attending student group events (official and unofficial), serving on student boards and organizations, or participating in the performing arts
  • Other items you think uniquely document your Hopkins experience

Since the Archives can’t accept everything that is offered, the following are some categories of items that we do not collect or already have in sufficient quantities: yearbooks, mass-produced t-shirts, mugs, and cups, and other Hopkins-branded promotional items

Why donate?

  • You can help us document student life—an essential part of the university's collective memory
  • Transfer to the University Archives ensures that your materials will be preserved according to professional standards
  • Your records will benefit historians, students and other researchers for many years to come

How do I donate?

If you have digital photos or documents, or just a story you would like to share with us, you can do so via this website! Visit the Contribute Your Story section on the home page for more details.

If you have non-digital materials or a large number of digital files to share, please email and let us know what you are interesting in donating. Thank you!

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