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You can find high-quality images across several repositories affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. Learn more about how to search and find the images you need below at the Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives, The Johns Hopkins Chesney Archives, and the Peabody Archives of the Arthur Friedheim Library.

Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries, Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives

An overhead shot of a large crowd of people walking on university grounds. Demonstrators hod up signs and banners. The largest banner at the front has the words End the War, partially obscured.
A pulled-back shot of a four-story, clock tower building on a hill. Several young tries occupy the foreground, a model-T car drives on the road nearby it, and a two people walk past it.
Group photograph of two Johns Hopkins University students boxing. A small crowd of other students stand around and watch them.
Candid photograph of two African-American students working in an electronics laboratory

The Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries, Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives’ Graphic and Pictorial Collection hosts hundreds of images of student life, campus buildings, alumni and faculty, and more. From the founding of the university to the present day, you can search this collection to explore the university’s history.

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The Johns Hopkins Chesney Archives

A white man wearing glasses examines a test tube pulled from a full of individual test tubes.
An oil painting depicting four men in academic robes sitting and one standing around a table with open books and large globe behind them.
An aerial view of several buildings in the early 19th century on a gridded city block.
A group of white women nurses in early 20th century nurse uniforms stand around a table where a man where a doctor's jacket and a women wearing a similar nurse uniform sit down. There are two other men who stand behind the group of women wearing dark suits.

The medical archives hold over one million photographic items dating from the late 19th century to the present.  These collections reflect the daily use of photography within an academic health institution and encompass many genres, including biomedical, clinical, documentary, corporate, architectural, and portrait photography.  If you are interested in historic images that depict Johns Hopkins Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health, start at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions’ online catalog.  

Tip: If you are only interested in viewing digitized collections, make sure to check “Digital content only” before searching.

Peabody Archives of the Arthur Friedheim Library

Three students sit at a round table next to old mailboxes in the 1980s. A sign behind them bars students from storing instruments in the security office.
A group of people, mixed with some sitting and most standing, hold guitars as they happily converse with each other.
Black and white photo of seven students line up and crossing the street, all holding instrument cases in their hands.
The bottom half of a lithograph of the interior of an ornate, library interior without furniture.

Digital Collections of the Peabody Institute’s Arthur Friedheim Library contain selected items from the library’s special collections, archives, and rare holdings.

Their historic image collection includes institute-related images from the Conservatory and Preparatory faculty, ensembles, guest artists, alumni, former deans and directors, and the building. Other subjects include the city of Baltimore and notable Marylanders.